Investment Portfolio Review

When we review your portfolio, we approach it like you would yourself. We review and manage the portfolio in relation to your overall balance sheet objectives.

The Investment Portfolio Review document is the cornerstone of our strategic planning process. In this document, we outline our recommended strategy for the portfolio, and explain how this strategy relates to the rest of your institution’s balance sheet growth strategy and ALM risk profile. This document is then presented to you, and discussed in detail as to its rationale and expected impact on liquidity, interest rate risk and earnings.

Our In-Depth Investment Reporting includes:

  • Periodic Updates to the Portfolio Review document as your Balance Sheet Changes
  • Regulatory Compliance Files that are Compiled for Every Purchase
  • Monthly Bond Accounting Reports that are Provided by a Third Party Vendor
It is always nice to have a plan to follow.  Let us create one for your portfolio.
Objective Advisors, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisory firm that is regulated by the Securities & Exchange Commission.