Investment Advisory Services

Why Should You Outsource the Management of Your Investment Portfolio?

Many credit union executives have found that they lack both the time and the expertise to optimally manage their investment portfolios in-house.

Others don’t feel comfortable entrusting this function to parties who are unfamiliar with the structure and strategic goals of the rest of their balance sheet.

What if . . .

What if you had a partner who was knowledgable about your investment portfolio, as well as the rest of your balance sheet?  What if this partner could help you do all of the "leg work” associated with managing a successful investment portfolio, and was able to get the attention of the brokerage community by managing your portfolio as well as the portfolios of other credit unions around the country? 
Objective Advisors is this kind of partner.  By partnering with us, your management team can remain focused on the "big picture” without being burdened with the day-to-day details of managing the investment portfolio.

Objectivity is Key to Establishing Trust with an Investment Advisor

At Objective Advisors, we are completely OBJECTIVE.  We have only our clients’ best interests in mind when we make investment recommendations. Our clients pay a flat fee for our investment advisory services, regardless of the types of securities that we purchase on their behalf. In addition, we do not receive any additional compensation from any outside third party as a result of our investment transactions.
If you want to maintain a well performing portfolio that also helps you mitigate risk in the rest of the balance sheet, call us today to discuss how we can help.
Objective Advisors, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisory firm that is regulated by the Securities & Exchange Commission.