Level I:  The Regulatory Reporting Package

Events in the financial marketplace in recent years have brought about heightened scrutiny over the methodologies being used to measure and manage interest rate risk. As we all know, regulatory oversight has and will continue to increase in the area of Asset Liability Management.

Institutions are now being required to demonstrate their ability to measure, monitor and manage their institution's interest rate risk in a manner that is consistent with the institution's underlying level of exposure.

Objective Advisors helps its clients meet the regulatory guidelines by providing them with Interest Rate Risk reports that have been tailored specifically to the latest regulatory requirements.

In addition, as new guidelines are established, we will continue to update our reporting packages so that our clients will continue to be in compliance.

Included in Our Regulatory Reporting Package:

  • Current IRR Risk Measurements vs. Institution’s Internal ALM Policy Guidelines
  • Written Commentary Providing Explanation for Institution’s Current Interest Rate Risk Profile, and Rationale for Why IRR position has Changed Since Last Set of Reports
  • Summary Page showing both NII at Risk and NEV at Risk in Parallel Interest Rate Shocks
  • Detailed Pages for both NII at Risk and NEV at Risk, Showing Risk Profiles of Each Major Product Category
  • Alternative Interest Rate Shock Scenarios Chosen by Client
  • Detailed Assumptions Pages
  • Economic Commentary from Third Party Forecasting Company
  • Webinar Presentations of Reports to Management Team, ALCO, and/or Board of Directors
This reporting package satisfies all of the current regulatory requirements and will continue to change as new regulations are announced.  This package is a good fit for credit unions who want to ensure that they remain in full compliance with regulatory requirements. 
Objective Advisors, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisory firm that is regulated by the Securities & Exchange Commission.
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