What Makes Us Different?

In a word, we are completely OBJECTIVE, and have only our clients’ best interests in mind when we are doing their ALM modeling and/or advising them on their investment portfolios.

As such, you can be assured that our analysis is completely independent and unaffected by outside influences that might otherwise bias the financial advice being given.  

We believe that each of our clients is unique, and should be treated as such.

All of our reports, assumptions and chart of accounts are customized to each client's unique specifications.

We believe that the investment management process should start with ALM.

We use the ALM results to guide us in selecting the most appropriate investments for each of our clients.  We then manage the investment selection process the same way you would internally, making sure to compare offerings amongst various brokerage firms to find an appropriate structure at a competitive price. 
Objective Advisors, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisory firm that is regulated by the Securities & Exchange Commission.
"I have worked with Objective Advisors since 1995. Throughout the years, they have been a trusted partner and have assisted us in making effective decisions, as well as maximizing earnings and remaining compliant with the ever changing regulatory environment. Our team relies on the quarterly reports as a status of our progress, and finds them invaluable to support our strategic direction."

$250 million FCU
Northeast U.S.